Case Studies

Chronic low back pain treated successfully with Chiropractic Manipulation

Brief History:

50 year old woman with right-sided lower back pain. The pain is chronic and the mechanism is thought to have begun in 1 year prior after missing a step while walking down a flight of stairs and landing awkwardly on her extended right leg. It was one-to-two days afterwards that the patient noticed her low back pain.

Limitations included:
  • Forward bending and lifting of the right leg while washing up in the shower
  • Going from sit-to-stand without pain
  • Being unable to sit in one position for more than 20 minutes.

Other health care providers seen prior to Dr. Hans Bottesch included:
  • Primary Care Physician
  • Prescribed muscle relaxants and pain medication (no pain relief for the patient)
  • Physician’s Assistant
  • Injection of cortisone into the right sacroiliac joint, which provided only 1-2 days of relief at best
  • TENS over the affected area. The TENS unit is reported as having given substantial pain relief, but only for a short period of time (less than a day)
  • Physical Therapist
  • Routine of stretching exercises, some form of manipulation therapy (which actually provided 1-2 days of relief), hot packs and therapeutic ultrasound therapy. The hot packs and ultrasound therapy did not seem to aid at all in providing pain relief.
  • Massage Therapist
  • Therapeutic massage to the affected muscles of the lumbosacral spine, which the patient reports provided roughly 1-2 days of relief.

  • Notable decreased range of motion
  • Significant muscle spasm in the area
  • Joint restrictions in the lumbar spine and sacroiliac joints

**No contraindications to Chiropractic Care noted, nor was there a need for further imaging studies**

  • Spinal adjustments for the lumbar spine and sacroiliac joints
  • Mobilization to the lumbar spine
  • Trigger point therapy to the lower back muscles
  • Passive stretching
  • Home Stretching

  • She had not received sustained relief from any other form of healthcare, however within 5 visits this patient had 80% sustained relief of lower back pain.
  • She no longer had any limitations that interrupted her activities of daily living over the last year.
  • Patient was released to self-care with further home-care stretching exercises and was advised to return if the symptoms returned.