Chin Retraction Exercise Series

1. Seated Chin Retraction Exercises

This week, we will begin a series of exercises aimed at strengthening the deep neck flexors of the cervical spine. Each week, we will show you another step to the exercise that will make it more challenging for the muscle and aid in the strengthening process.

Your deep cervical neck flexors are very important muscles in the stabilization of the head and neck. In many people, the neck extensors (muscles on the back of the neck) are very strong. However, the deep neck flexors are often neglected and in turn may become weak. The purpose of this exercise is to aid in strengthening the deep neck flexors in the front of your neck. By strengthening these very important muscles, you will be providing increased stabilization of your head on your neck and may in fact reduce some neck pain.

Conditions that may benefit from this exercide include:

-Acute non-traumatic neck pain
-Chronic neck pain
-Poor posture
-Osteoarthritis of the neck

As with any exercise, if performing this exercise is too painful, stop immediately. This exercise should always be performed in a PAIN-FREE range of motion and is in no way meant to be painful.

If your neck pain worsens while performing these exercises, stop immediately and contact your local Doctor of Chiropractic.
Begin this exercise by sitting up nice and straight in a comfortable chair in what we call the "90 x 90" position. By sitting up straight, your body forms a 90 degree angle with your thighs and your thighs should form a 90 degree angle with your lower legs.

Step 1: Sit up straight in a normal and comfortable position for you. Place your index finger on your chin as depicted to the left.
Step 2: Tuck your chin directly back and away from the finger touching your chin as depicted in the picture on the left.

*Make sure you are not flexing your neck to get your chin away from your finger. Remember, you are tucking your chin away from your finger.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= HOLD FOR 15-20 SECONDS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Step 3: Relax your neck and return to the starting position as depicted in the picture on the left.
How many reps do I do? How many sets? How many times per day?

Steps 1-3 equal 1 repetition (rep). A set is simply how many repetitions are performed at a given time. Perform 5-7 rep of this exercise with every set. Attempt to do at least 2 sets every time you perform this exercise. Try to do this 2-3 times every day.

Performing this exercise will begin to strengthen your deep neck flexors, which in most people are very weak and may aid in contributing to neck pain.

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