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The Stress Awareness Health Fair has been moved from July 30th to an un-announced date in September for the time being.


Feel Like Yourself Again!

Dr. Hans Bottesch owns and operates the only evidence-based chiropractic clinic in Columbia county and has fine tuned his treatment protocols to effectively treat painful spinal conditions. Patients are provided with effective, individualized treatment protocols based on their specific condition, not a generic "one treatment fits all" approach to care.

Located in the historic district of downtown Bloomsburg, Dr. Bottesch is able to help you return to the activities you enjoy most! We care about you and are here to help you overcome your pain and discomfort. There is an increasing body of high quality research that shows chiropractic care can effectively provide pain relief and improve function for neck pain, low back pain, certain types of headaches as well as several other musculoskeletal conditions.

Pain can certainly impact your quality of life and your daily activities. If you are experiencing neck pain, low backpain, or a headache and are looking for a non-pharmaceutical/non-surgical method of pain management, call us at (570) 204-9302 to see what treatment options we can offer. Let us help you regain your quality of life, one day at a time, at Bloomin Health Chiropractic Clinic!

Exercise Tip of the Week

Every week you can visit our site and read about our exercise tip of the week. When possible, exercise tips will coincide with the Condition of the Month blog.

This week's exercise is:

-The 1st exercise in the Chin Retraction series

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